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Huhn-Rohrbacher is an innovative and continuously growing company for development and production of customized power supplies, like AC/DC and DC/DC converters, UPS-systems with DC outputs.

Our main focus of the developments lies in the range of 0,2 to 3 kW and in the production in numbers from appx. 50 up to several thound pieces.

For our customers we realize with our team of engineers and specialists optimal system concepts. Whereas the focus lies on technical difficult requirements like costs, efficiency

and construction volume, etc..

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The News

Online UPS for industrial application

We developed with the ADUSV96 a new AC/DC converter with an input voltage range from 90 VAC to 264 VAC (46-63Hz) and a permanent output power of 96 Watts. This converter is made for the supply of electronic devices in industrial printers.In case of a power fail the UPS works on uninterruptably on battery charger. The unit is constructed in an open frame design and  measurements of 250x90x50mm and is operated in a closed chassis up to 60° C convection-cooled.

Wide-range DC/DC converter for railway technology

We offer with our new development a wide-range DC/DC converter with special specification.The DC/DC converter is meant for an input voltage range from 350 to 900 volt and delivers an output voltage of 24 volt with a rating of 200 watts. By special circuit topology the Converter reaches an efficiency of 92%.
DCS200HV Datasheet

DC/DC Converter for railway-application

The DCS200ER is a DC/DC converter developped for operation in railway technology and fulfills the safety standards according to IEC60950. The unit possesses an output power of 192W (24V/8A) and has a wide-range input voltage of 50VDC-94VDC. The converter is built in 19? Eurostandard and offers with the outside dimensions of 3HEx14TEx160mm a very compact arcitecture.

DCS200ER Datasheet